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Friday, October 9, 2015

I recommend this: Items edition.

One of the things that frequently do is burn candles in offering to the gods and my ancestors. I have tried out many different types of candles. The ones that have been the most richly scented for a low price have been the store brand scented candles from Walmart. They are inexpensive and good for someone with a limited budget. Even the small tea light variety of the scented candles have a rich scent.

Right now, the popular fragrance is pumpkin pie. I'm not personally one for the pumpkin pie scented candles but a certain deity (*cough*Loki*cough) has been absolutely emphatic that I need it right now. I've tried out a few different varieties of pumpkin pie scented candles. I honestly was surprised that the Walmart store brand candles had the best scent. I was thinking that Tuscany candles was going to be better.

Tuscany candles is my next choice for scented candles to give as an offering. They're a little more expensive than the Walmart store brand candles. I've found them at my local Wegmans. Their summer seasonal Lemon bar scent was magnificent. My whole apartment smelled like fresh baked goodies. The scent on these candles is pungent but doesn't last as long once the candle has been burned compared to the Walmart ones.

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